- To seek with perseverance the Kingdom of God and the baptism of the Holy Spirit; To seek peace with all people, and sanctification, without which no one will see the Lord; To truly live the fruit of the Spirit; To love the brethren in the fraternal love of Christ, which is the manifestation of growth and spiritual maturity.

- To form leaders who are spiritually mature, and who administer the House of God well, who carry out their functions in the love of Christ, in humility, and in sanctification; People committed to the word of God and who truly seek sanctification in their homes, and wherever they go, even hidden from the eyes of the brethren; Leaders who are baptized with the Holy Spirit and who manifest gifts of the Spirit; Leaders who are subordinate to the ministry placed over them by God, and who carry out their functions according to the guidelines given them by the ministry; Leaders who love the local church and work towards the fulfillment of its calling.

- To equip the members for the work of the ministry; to integrate them in the harvest of the Lord Jesus, and make them active in the work of the Master;

- To lead them to an awareness of the body and unity in the Holy Spirit; to instruct them in the doctrines of the Lord and help them to reach the stature of their master, Jesus.

- To create ministries that together form a spiritual system that is faithful to Biblical teachings, for the purpose of integrating the members of the church according to the teachings of the Word, even if they do not yet have complete discernment of the Scriptures; Ministries that work for the individual, and not for the organization (It is not the organization that forms the individual, but the individual that forms the organization); Ministries that put into action all that is necessary for the growth of the body; Ministries that understand their service to God and to the members of the church, who understand the difference between “ministry” and “works”; Ministries that manifest the power of the Holy Spirit in their daily activities.

- To preach the gospel of Christ in the neighborhoods; all of the ministries committed to evangelism, understanding that evangelism is not limited to unbelievers, but also to believers; Each part serving God with its attributes, so that together, we can reach the city for Jesus.

- To reach the secular schools. It is there where the prince of evil can be found, forming the gangs, which spread the sins of drugs, sex, rebellion, etc. To go into the schools with the various ministries and, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, lead those who are captives of sin to freedom.

- To pray for the authorities in their workplaces. To seek to enter the various public departments and pray for those in authority in the city. To organize schedules for visits and spiritual support for our leaders, thus fulfilling our Lord’s command, “Pray for authorities.”

- To form a strong team for the teaching of the Word of God, that will minister through Sunday school, Tribes, and special conferences and seminars. The Word of God is the essential nutrient for our reaching our objective in Christ.

- To form a church of prayer. To make each member an intercessor and spiritual warrior. To separate them into groups with specific tasks, which cover all the activities of the church.

- To lead each member to be committed to the local body, to respect, honor, and obey their pastors, as servants of God. Each member should pray for their pastors, understanding that they are zealous for their souls.

- To lead each member to be a faithful tither, who fully understands and discerns the sanctity of tithes and offerings; members who know how to share their possessions generously with those who have less; members who love missions and are involved in the conquest of souls.

- To make possible every channel of evangelism available to the church, through strategic means such as schools, social work, orphanages, rest homes, musical conservatories, etc. Such works are means by which souls can be reached for Jesus outside the context of the Temple, worship services, or individual or group evangelism.

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