"A Church to bless Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, and the World"

Agape Baptist Church was officially founded on February 15, 1987, as Campinas Baptist Church, as a result of spiritual revival. Its founder, Pr. Joao Batista Martins de Sa, had been a Baptist pastor for 35 years at that time, and had begun to understand that God desired for His people to be freer in their worship experience, and in their expectations of His active presence among them. As a result, in late 1986, he realized that he would need to withdraw from the convention which he so loved and had so faithfully served. After making this decision, but while still unsure as to the direction his future would take, his family – his children and their spouses – felt the direction of God to begin a new church, and invited their father to pastor it. After some weeks of thought and prayer, he accepted, and thus Campinas Baptist Church was born, with approximately 45 members. And with it, a vision: that of being a church that would bless Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, and the world.

For the first year the church met in a hotel conference room. Then for the next 12 years it was located at Sandoval Meirelles Street, where God brought about much growth, both spiritually and numerically. In the beginning the services were held in a small room at the back of the property. Then a large tent structure was purchased to serve as the sanctuary, and though it was large at first, God quickly filled it. Also in the very beginning, on the same property, Agape Baptist School was begun, sharing the facilities with the church.

The result of this search for and dedication to God was vigor and strength for the local body. This body was convinced that God would use it according to the vision given. It also understood that all that they had begun to experience would have to be reproduced in other cities, so that this same love and power could be spread to many places, in the same intensity and anointing that reigned in Campinas. Thus the expansion of this vision was pursued. New churches in other locations sprang up, and the vision spread.

Eventually, as the school grew, it became more and more difficult to accommodate both school and church on the same property, despite the expansion of the facilities. In the year 2000 God provided a new property for the church - an empty factory, located in another neighborhood, on Joao Sulinski Street, and which is still being used by the church today. Shortly after that move, in August of 2002, the Lord called His servant, Pr. Joao Batista, home, and called his younger son, Roberto, to assume the role of senior pastor from that point on, to present day.

The school continues to flourish at the original address, has approximately 1,000 students, preschool through 12th grade, and offers a Christian curriculum and spiritual support for its students and families. There are currently 38 Agape churches in 8 states. God has blessed the church with various properties, a seminary, a social outreach association, and steady growth.

The story of this church does not end with what He has done up until now. It will continue until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. The church will continue conquering territory for our God, and will always be a blessing in God’s hands. And we invite you to be a part of the development and fulfillment of this powerful vision!

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